Stay in the loop with The Kilkenny App!

In October 2022, the Kilkenny App was initiated as a pilot project with a clear goal in mind - to centralise information on a variety of events happening in Kilkenny, including shows, festivals, sports events, and music gigs. This initiative emerged from the common frustration of missing out on events simply due to a lack of knowledge about them.

Designed to be a one-stop destination for all local happenings, the app aspires to become the main source of information for the Kilkenny community and, potentially, for other provincial towns in Ireland. During this trial period, which is set to last a minimum of 12 months, we are actively encouraging residents to engage with the platform, sharing and publicising events to foster a vibrant community hub.

As we approach the conclusion of the pilot phase, a comprehensive review of the collected data will be undertaken to evaluate the app's success and to shape its future trajectory.

The Kilkenny App is and will remain free of charge. To feature an event go to our contact us page where you can submit the details for it to be highlighted in a timely manner.

By centralising event information, we aim to enhance the community spirit and ensure no one misses out on enjoying the various events Kilkenny has to offer.


    Stay in the loop with The Kilkenny App!

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