Showcase Your Events, Venues, and Special Offers with the Kilkenny App: Your Stage, Your Spotlight!!

Imagine The Kilkenny App as the city’s premier digital billboard, specifically tailored for promoting the vibrant nightlife and dining scene. Are you hosting a live music concert, launching a new cocktail at your bar, or presenting a culinary masterpiece at your restaurant?

The Kilkenny app is your stage, putting your event or venue in the spotlight and directly in front of the people who love entertainment, dining, and having a great time.

Here’s how it works:

  • Choose Your Dates: You can pick 5 dates that you’d like to tell everyone about your event. These are like 5 little spaces on the bulletin board, just for you.
  • Reserve Your Spot: For only 99 euros, you can book those 5 dates. That means nobody else can put their notices in those spots; they’re all yours!
  • We’ll Be In Touch: Once you’ve paid and picked your dates, we’ll contact you to make sure we have all the details right. We’ll want to know what you’re promoting, where it’s happening, and anything else people need to know.
  • See Your Event Shine: Your event will be displayed on the Kilkenny app for everyone to see on the dates you’ve chosen. It’s like having a big, bright sign in the middle of town, telling everyone to come and join the fun!

So, if you have something special you want everyone to know about, the Kilkenny app is the way to do it. It’s easy, affordable, and it makes sure that everyone who needs to know about your event will see it.

Visibility Boost


  • Affordable: 5 ads, 1 month
  • Targeted Advertising: Choose placement
  • Flexible Scheduling: Pick times
  • No deadline advertise now
  • Priority support
  • "Priority Listings" Get seen first.
  • €20 per slot
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  • Bars, Restaurants, Cafes
  • Things to Do Section
  • Featured Section Get Seen First.
  • In App Message to Users
  • Priority Support
  • Included in Weekly Newsletter
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Featured Listings


  • Bars, Restaurants, Cafes
  • Extra images
  • Extra Details
  • Update listings
  • 6 months
  • €10 per month
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  • Business Logo on Splash Screen
  • Business Details on Users profile
  • Every User Will See Your Brand
  • Priority Listings
  • Only one Main Sponsor
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