America 2024: Trump Part 2: The Nightmare

Saturday 04th November 2023
Location: Watergate Theatre, Kilkenny
He’s back and this time he’s even more angry. Yes you know it, he’s topping the Republican polls by miles, having gone even more rogue – if that were possible. What does the return of Donald Trump tell us about America, its “culture wars” and the state of American democracy? What comes after America? It still is the most innovative economy in the world, and the only one big and bold enough to take on Russia, but it is deeply divided and it could turn inward under Trump. What then? Don’t miss this. .
The Cash Clinic 2024: Making Money in a Madcap Market
What to do with your money in 2024? Property, stocks, bonds, which way are the markets going? What are the big macroeconomic policy moves in the next twelve months and what will these do to markets? What regions will grow and which places will slow? In tech what are the big new innovations in the pipeline? From slimming drugs to AI, commercial property to currencies, what’s hot and what’s not? If you’ve lots or only a little to invest this is the show for you. Real experts, giving real opinions to arm you for the real world!

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