Blue Ghost

Thursday 28th December 2023
Location: Cleeres Bar and Theatre, 28 Parliament Street, Kilkenny
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Blue Ghost was a band from Kilkenny. The group formed towards the end of the 1990s and the group played together until the latter part of the 2000s. Drummer, Jeremy had being writing and recording material as a solo artist and going under the name of Blue Ghost. This was during the 1996 – 1997 period. He subsequently met Davey Holland [Vocals & Guitar] and the pair decided to form a band, maintaining the Blue Ghost moniker. The duo then recruited bass guitarist, Alan Montgomery who had previously performed with The Dixons and Revelino. The group was further expanded with the addition of vocalist Caroline Lee-Baker.
The group’s sound was an eclectic mix of rock, funk and soul. Blue Ghost played live regularly and supported the likes of Moloko, Morcheeba and Alabama 3. During its existence, the band released one EP. Entitled ‘Collapse Or Keep Going’, the four track collection featured ‘The Altitude’, ‘Float Feet First’, ‘Why Good Guys Die’ and ‘K.A.T.E.’.
The group is believed to have dissolved around 2007. Jeremy went on to pursue his Rarely Seen Above Ground project, garnering critical acclaim for his work. Davey played with Good Tiger with Caroline performing with The Radio and Gretta Gunn.
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