Saturday 20th April 2024
Location: Cleeres Bar and Theatre, 28 Parliament Street, Kilkenny
Carsie Blanton is a songwriter with hooks, chutzpah, and revolutionary optimism. “It is possible to face the world as it is – rapidly heating, ruled by grifters, ravaged by profitable wars – and still have hope,” she says of her forthcoming release, After the Revolution. “Not the narrow, grasping hope you might hang on an election, but a patient, zoomed-out hope.” Blanton’s ninth full-length album draws from many influences. Tracks like My Good Friends evoke her childhood in Appalachia, while Ain’t We Got Fun showcases a musical roux earned from a long stint in New Orleans and fifteen years of touring with her band. The title track, a hard-rocking protest anthem, shows that her commitment to the good fight need not obscure her considerable acumen as a writer and musician.
Blanton is known for her 2020 tribute to John Prine, Fishin’ With You, which landed her on the lineup for the sold-out Vicar Street Celebration of John Prine earlier this year. That show introduced Blanton to Declan O’Rourke, whose Irish tour she will be supporting in October/November ‘23.
After the Revolution, produced by Grammy-winner Tyler Chester, comes out in March ‘24 and will be preceded by five singles. Blanton will return for a headline tour of Ireland in April ‘24.
“Progressive sympathies with a smile” – Irish Times’
“Beautiful, militant anthems.” – Ken Tucker, NPR’s Fresh Air
“Carsie Blanton is fighting fascism with big hooks and an even bigger heart.” – American Songwriter
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