Coaching at Work 1 Day Training in Kilkenny

Friday 19th January 1900
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Certificate: Course Completion Certificate
Language: English
Duration: 1 Day
Credits: 8
Course Delivery: Classroom/ Virtual Live / Onsite
Offers: Groups of 5 – 10 people 10% Discount | Groups of 11 – 20 people 15% Discount
Course Overview:
Anyone who coaches as a part of their job role would benefit from this coaching skills training as when delivered you will help develop your practical skills and ensure you are demonstrating coaching behaviors that will nurture those around you.
Coaching skills have become an important tool in the armory of great leaders and people who work with developing others as they encourage empowerment and self-belief. These coaching skills training course materials solidify that approach and put structure and clarity around coaching behaviors, whilst demonstrating the ability to coach without masses of paperwork and ‘rules’.
This specific training focuses on all aspects of coaching in the workplace and will ensure you are able to coach others as part of your normal working role.
Course Contents:
Coaching has become a critical element of team development and yet it is rarely understood and often implemented poorly. This training will provide you with a core understanding of the methods of coaching and give them core skills that will enable you to practically carry out coaching in the workplace.
It moves away from the viewpoint that coaching must be process-driven and bureaucratic and will help you appreciate that coaching is an everyday occurrence that, when performed correctly, can be enlightening and fun.
Course Topics:
What coaching is about and what it isn’t about – Exploring the important elements of coaching as well as identifying the factors that should not be included when coaching.
Applications of Coaching – Discussing where coaching can be applied in the workplace
Coaching in Practice – An in-depth exploration of coaching through a fun activity. The participants will experience the feelings and relevant associations that a coach may have during a coaching session and then discuss what this means in a practical sense.
Relating it Back to the Workplace – Taking the learning from the previous activity, creating a ‘coaching model’ and applying it to a practical coaching scenario.
Questioning – Practicing this fundamental element of coaching through discussion, practice, and examples. Includes the GROW model and how it can be used in a practical sense.
Active Listening – Reviewing the good and bad of listening and identifying how important listening is to the coaching process.
Coaching in Action – A chance to practice the key skills developed throughout the session.
Please note: Interactive Session.
Course Feature:
At the end of this training, you will be able to:
Explain the principles of coaching, what is, what it isn’t, and how it works in practical terms
Describe the best time to use coaching in order to ensure it is at its most effective
Practically apply coaching methods that get results in their work environm
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