Crisis Management 1 Day Training in Kilkenny

Monday 12th February 1900
Location: For venue details reach us at
Certificate: Course Completion Certificate
Language: English
Duration: 1 Day
Credits: 8
Course Delivery: Classroom/ Virtual Live / Onsite
Offers: Groups of 5 – 10 people 10% Discount | Groups of 11 – 20 people 15% Discount
Course Overview:
A good crisis management process will help identify threats to an organization, its stakeholders, and customers as well as provide structure to deal with a crisis when it does occur. Managing a crisis effectively will help ensure that any damage to an organization is limited and that in post crisis the business can develop and grow.
This crisis management training is designed for anyone who might have to deal with or be prepared for a crisis within their organization. This could mean members of the crisis management team or simply managers within the organization who should have a strong awareness of the process and requirements for dealing with a crisis.
Course Contents:
Limit the risk and manage the damage with these crisis management training course materials.
A crisis is defined as any situation that threatens to harm a person or property, disrupt business, negatively impact an organization or damage its reputation. The role of crisis management is to help manage these situations when they occur, or where possible, avoid them happening altogether.
Perhaps you are looking to implement a crisis management process, or you want to upskill your workforce in the process you already have. You may even need to refresh the skills and thinking of the managers within your organization. Whatever your need, Trainer Bubble provides you with a comprehensive crisis management training course to make your life easy.
Why is running this crisis management training course a good idea?
Well, just imagine if your participants were better able to:
Identify the crisis vulnerability of your organization.
Put measures in place to limit the chance of a crisis occurring.
Create a clear strategy for dealing with a crisis when it happens.
Improve their understanding of the impact of a crisis and how to mitigate it.
Communicate with key stakeholders quickly and efficiently, to ensure damage limitation.
Manage the relationship with customers and the media effectively.
Course Topics:
Types of Crisis – An examination of the types of crisis that can befall an organization with an activity that begins to identify the crisis that could be specific to the participant’s organization. This is an excellent starting point to help participants understand the potential for crisis within their organization and what vulnerabilities there are.
Stakeholder Identification & Analysis – Crisis management is all about keeping stakeholders informed and engaged while mitigating the impact of the crisis on them. This session helps identify who the stakeholders are, how they need to be kept informed during a crisis and mapping the relationship.
Crisis Prevention – The best way to manage a crisis is to avoid it altogether. This section covers the different audit
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