Easter Swim Skills 25th March 2024

Thursday 07th March 2024
Location: The WatershedThe Watershed Bohernatounish Road R95 HFH1 Kilkenny Ireland
Please note our No Refund Policy before booking, thank you
Our Swim Skills Camp Programme is the ideal way for your child to learn and practice swim skills, based on the syllabus taught in the corresponding level of our group lessons Levels 1 to 5.
Camp includes a thirty minute lesson taught in a fun and relaxed atmosphere, followed by ten minutes of free play time. Children must be a minimum age of five.
Children do not need to be attending our Lessons to take part in Swim Skills Camp, Camps are open to everyone! All our Camps and Swim lessons/course are taught by qualified and experienced swim teachers.
Date: This ticket is payment for five days of Camp from starting on Monday March 25th and finishing on Friday March 29th
Time: Please note the time on your ticket and arrive at least ten minutes before Camp is due to start.
Cost: €60 per Child
Note: A minimum of five children in each lesson is required to run each lesson. If any of the levels do not reach the minimum numbers, an alternative time may be offered or the lesson will be cancelled and refunded
Changing Village Code of Conduct
Reserving of showers and changing cubicles in the Changing Village is not allowed under any circumstances and belongings may be moved by Watershed staff should this occur
The Watershed will not be responsible for any belongings moved from a changing/showering cubicle
Parents may not, at any time, wait in changing cubicles while their child is in camp
Parents may not wait at the entrance to the Pool Deck while their child is in camp
Mobile phones are not permitted for any reason in the Changing Village at any time
Important Information
Children must be a minimum age of five to attend Levels 1 to 5
Children must attend the level they have been booked into, they will not be moved to another level if that level is full
Parents must inform The Watershed in advance of any additional needs their child may have that might affect their participation in camp – please note these are small group lessons, The Watershed is unable to provide one to one support
Parents may not get in the water with their child, wait on the Pool Deck or wait in the Changing Village while lessons are taking place
All Level 1 children must wear their own armbands
There is a No Refund policy associated with all bookings
If an illness or injury occurs that prevents participation in Camp, a medical certificate is required within seven days
All children in all groups must be wearing their swim hat (and goggles if required) and stand under the shower for ten seconds before going onto the pool deck (please ensure your children’s hats and goggles are secured before the lesson as the start time of the lesson is delayed if our swim teachers have to do this when the child goes onto pool deck)
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