Essential Coaching Skills for Managers 1 Day Train

Friday 19th January 1900
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Certificate: Course Completion Certificate
Language: English
Duration: 1 Day
Credits: 8
Course Delivery: Classroom/ Virtual Live / Onsite
Offers: Groups of 5 – 10 people 10% Discount | Groups of 11 – 20 people 15% Discount
Course Description:
This coaching skills for managers will help develop the coaching skills of supervisors, team leaders, and managers and ensure you deliver a successful coaching skills training course.
How to train managers to coach their teams to success
When the pressure is on to meet targets and managers are rushed off their feet, coaching is usually the first task to get dropped. Yet coaching is essential to building successful teams.
Coaching can even be seen as fluffy and unnecessary by ‘old school’ managers. Even if your management team understands the importance of nurturing the best out of their team, coaching can often be done in an unstructured and ineffective manner.
Well, not anymore. The benefits you will gain from our training are tremendous. They will be more able to:
Improve the individual skill levels of their team members.
Ensure everyone in their team is operating at equally high standards.
Understand individual strengths and weaknesses, to help shape team dynamics.
Get to know individual work styles, to more easily gain consensus for common goals.
Structure coaching efforts for maximum effect.
Support their team members in their learning, enabling them to develop the skills, knowledge, and attitude necessary to successfully deliver their job responsibilities and goals.
In other words, you’ll be able to get the most out of your managers, so they can get the most out of their teams. That means better employee engagement and improved productivity – desirable in any organization.
Course Outline:
What is Coaching? – A review of what coaching is and the key skills required of a good coach.
My Experience – A look at the participant’s own experience of having been ‘coached’ in the past. Examining their feelings and the positive and negative aspects.
Mine Field – A fun activity that allows participants to practice the skills of a coach and review the learning points.
Coaching Principles – Understanding the core principles that underline an effective approach to coaching for a manager.
The Manager as Coach – A look at the role of the manager and how coaching fits into this.
The Fundamental Skills of Coaching – Underlining the manager’s role as coach by introducing the fundamental skills required and how this applies to them.
The Coaching Environment – Examining the environment in which positive coaching can take place. One where staff feel challenged and supported enough to achieve positive results.
A Procedure for Coaching Success – Providing participants with a set structure to create a results-driven environment in which coaching plays an integral part.
The Coaching Conversation – Explaining the GROW model and specific questions based around this in order to enable participants to carry out effective coaching co
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