Inflation: Whose to Blame? Greed, Printing or Pandemics?

Friday 03th November 2023
Location: The Set Theatre, John St.
Inflation has become the number one economic issue everyone is talking about. It affects the value of the money in our pockets and has sparked cost-of-living crises which have in turn led naturally, to demands for wage increases. The prices of everything have sky-rocketed, just ask a builder. Of course, inflation is a self-fulfilling spiral but what or who exactly is to blame? Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, normal cycles of economics, excessive expansionary monetary policy in the teeth of the panic, greedy companies jacking up prices, or all of the above? If you want to understand the forces shaping this great era of inflation, this is the gig for you!

Isabella Weber, Mark Blyth , Leah-Rose Downey,
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