Irish Property Up, Down, Sideways

Saturday 04th November 2023
Location: Kilbride Suite @ The Ormonde Hotel
It’s Groundhog Day again…or is it? The rental sector in Ireland has collapsed to a level where houses to let, in Dublin in particular, regularly have queues of hundreds of desperate people vying to pay over the odds for often substandard accommodation. House prices continue to rise and new builds are a fraction of what they need to be. The population is at its highest level in almost 200 years and growing. What’s going to happen in the Irish property market, is the commercial market about to crater, and with ten consecutive rate rises and no let-up in sight, could we, and let’s just whisper it for now, be on the cusp of another housing crash?

Stephen Kinsella, Ronan Lyons Host: Jennifer O’Connell
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