Kevin McGahern

Saturday 02th March 2024
Location: Cleeres Bar and Theatre, 28 Parliament Street, Kilkenny
Kevin is back with his brand new show Shy Talker. Looking back on the last year of his life the terminally lazy Cavan comedian now realises going on Dancing With The Stars with a 6 week old baby at home may not have been the smartest idea in the world.
Join Kevin for a night of jokes, japes, songs and stories in what many people are calling “the greatest stand up show ever at that particular time within that specific price range!”
“So F**king Funny!”
-Joanne McNally
“Gas Bastard”
-The Rubberbandits
– Hot Press
“Made me laugh out loud”
– Charlie Brooker
“I’m still laughing”
– The Scotsman
– The List
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