Friday 23th February 2024
Location: St. James Park, Freshford Road, Kilkenny.
Race Days & Times
As with most greyhound race tracks, you could drive past the stadium in Kilkenny on almost any given day and be forgiven for thinking that there was some real racing going on. Most of the time that’s just trials, though, so if you’re wanting to head along when the venue is open to the public you’ll be heading there on a Wednesday Morning or a Friday Evening.
It’s all about the early evening racing at Kilkenny Greyhound Stadium, so you’ll be able to enter the place from around 6.30pm in preparation for a first race starting at 7.30pm. Kilkenny isn’t the same as some greyhound venues where they boast a huge glass-fronted restaurant with seating for 200 people. It’s much more about the pure aspect of the racing itself. Saying that, Kilkenny Greyhound Stadium has a full Bar, Fast Food facilities, Tote & Bookmaker Betting and ample outdoor and indoor seating
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