Monday 04th March 2024
Location: The Set Theatre, John St.
MONDAY, MARCH 4, 2024 18:30
Introducing Laugharoo, home to Ireland’s funniest stand-up comedian within the hospitality industry.
Behind every established hotel, pub, distillery and liquor store, you always meet welcoming and hardworking staff members. What people don’t realise that behind every bar counter, there are individual characters that would light up a stage, if they were given a chance too.
So we at team Laugharoo, who are also Bartenders, have been for 10 years plus years and counting, have decided to come together and organise an event. This event will take place on the 4th of march 2024, in the Set Theatre, Langton’s House Hotel, Kilkenny.
The Donnys an upcoming young rock band from Kilkenny, will be playing half way through the set for an hour to give everyone a break, with a DJ after the gig till 2am.
This event will give 6 individuals the chance to come up on stage and light the stage up with their stories and jokes of their past experience within hospitality.
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