Mysterious Case of Kitsy Rainey

Saturday 09th December 2023
Location: Watergate Theatre, Kilkenny
Following on from The Man In the Woman’s Shoes and I Hear You and Rejoice, the new piece, the third in the series, takes us on a very unusual and otherworldly journey. Having married Kitsy Rainey late in life, cobbler Pat Farnon finally decides to lift the lid on a life previously lived by his wife. And all the while Pat faces down his own reckoning. Tender, heartfelt and joyously funny The Mysterious Case of Kitsy Rainey finishes out Pat Farnon’s journey in a most unexpected way. The Mysterious Case of Kitsy Rainey is a third collaboration between Sligo County Council Arts Service, The Hawk’s Well Theatre Sligo, and Mikel Murfi.
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