National BioBus Tour! – Kilkenny

Saturday 21th October 2023
Location: Kilkenny Castle
The Parade R95 YRK1 Kilkenny Ireland
How deep is our addiction to crude oil? Can we ever stop relying on it?
Only with a bioeconomy.
The bioeconomy means supplying what society needs (our economy) from renewable plants, animals and microbes (biological sources). It’s what we did before we ever discovered crude oil with all its modern uses. And it’s our best option to replace it.
But despite how important the bioeconomy is to our future, most people haven’t heard of it. That’s why we’re running a national campaign to raise awareness. We think everyone should know what the bioeconomy is and why we are depending on it. We’ll be touring a mobile exhibit up and down the country to bring this information directly to you!
Pop down when the BioBus is near you to learn all about it. Families welcome!
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