New World Order

Saturday 29th March 1975
Location: Kilkenny City, See listing for details
Nearly 100 years ago, Sean O’Casey’s Juno and the Paycock was staged in Dublin with the immortal line from Captain Boyle: “The whole world is in a state of chassis”. In 2024, it feels like many of the orthodoxies and sureties of the post-1945 order have vanished. The climate crisis is reaching an inflection point, causing catastrophic extreme weather events. Russia has embarked on a war of colonial expansion not seen for half a century. A 40-year bubble of government debt is about to pop as interest rates soar across the developed world and millions of poor people are on the move. What happens next and where does it all end? Our brilliant panel explores our possible futures.

Alan Beattie, Noah Smith, Vikas Nath, Katie Martin Host: Dylan Moran
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