Friday 12th April 2024
Location: Cleeres Bar and Theatre, 28 Parliament Street, Kilkenny
Irish songwriter Oisín Leech has announced the release of his forthcoming debut solo album, ‘Cold Sea’, which is due out on March 8th 2024. He has also unveiled “Colour Of The Rain”, a new single from the album, featuring Steve Gunn and Tony Garnier.
The forthcoming album and the new track, a follow up to last autumn’s debut solo single ‘October Sun’, were produced by esteemed Brooklyn musician Steve Gunn. Recording took place at Goorey Rocks near Malin, Co. Donegal in an old sea-facing schoolhouse that Leech and Gunn transformed into a working studio for a number of days.
Of the creative process Oisín says: “My aim was to write a collection of songs that told a complete story, and to record them near the ocean, using the sea as a kind of mirror on which to reflect the songs.”
Steve Gunn recalls the road trip session fondly: “I’m grateful that Oisin invited me to play a role in helping him with this new single and album, ‘Cold Sea.’ We had a magical time recording. I landed at Dublin airport tour weary, and I felt myself settle as we headed for the coast straight from the airport. I stared out of the window, grateful. We made a stop to pick up gear along the way (thanks Billy!) and it all took off from there. Pure magic.”
The new single ‘Colour Of The Rain’ shows Leech’s willingness to stretch his artistic voice – the song illustrates a craftsmanship both lyrically and musically. Like the previous single ‘October Sun’, ‘Colour Of The Rain’ is beautifully recorded. “I love the space that Steve Gunn left in the sound” continues Leech. “He let the song breathe.”
Tony Garnier, long-time member of Bob Dylan’s touring band, plays a carefully scored double-bass line while Steve Gunn’s strings add an ambient crescendo in the middle 8.
Speaking of the new music, Tony Garnier says: “It’s always such a great experience recording with Oisin. He is a wonderful artist and a good friend. His extensive knowledge of music is a valuable learning to me. I hope more people hear his beautiful new songs and see his performances. This debut album of his, ‘Cold Sea’, is a spectacular record and it was a pleasure to be part of it. These new songs are so great.”
The coming album features contributions from a number of acclaimed artists such as M Ward, Dónal Lunny, and Róisín McGrory, alongside the aforementioned Tony Garnier and Steve Gunn – some of whom will join Oisín on the road in April 2024 as part of his Maiden Voyage Concert Series, where they will perform the album ‘Cold Sea’ onstage in Dublin, Galway and Letterkenny. After these shows Oisin will continue on a solo run of gigs. All live date details are HERE
Of Oisin’s new work, Dónal Lunny adds: “Oisin’s new music is mesmeric – and completely immersive. His songs make you feel good about life and that’s what music should do.”
On producing the new single and forthcoming album, Steve Gunn states: “Reflecting landscape in song is integral to so much musical tradition, and I always try to keep this in mind when worki
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