Scorched Earth Trilogy

Monday 14th August 2023
Location: Venue TBA
Dumbworld wowed audiences at KAF 2021 with Carnival of Shadows: #1 Possible Human, their installation in the Abbey Quarter skatepark, and we’re excited to welcome them back to Kilkenny.

The Scorched Earth Trilogy is a trio of satirical films. Projected onto the walls of the city while the audience watches from the street (and listens via headphones), each film is a unique blend of opera, music, street art and animation that tackles some of our most pressing concerns with coruscating humour and wit.

Welcome to a pissing contest at Davos. Swollen by champagne and self congratulation, a gang of suited politicians relieve themselves against a wall.

Forced into the city by the disappearance of its natural habitat, a father and daughter polar bear search through trash for something to eat.

Revival presents a dystopian world of children forced to wear gas masks as they skip and swing. But these same children are at the heart of an ecological revolution…

Join John McIlduff and Brian Irvine – co-artistic directors of Dumbworld – in the Parade Tower on 19 August to discuss their latest project.
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