Soil Project: Satellite Seed Savers Harvest

Tuesday 25th July 2023
Location: Butler Gallery Learning & Engagement Centre
You are invited to join the artist group GENOMIC GASTRONOMY for their closing Satellite Seed Savers Harvest event.

In addition to seeing and tasting the plants that they have grown with us this season, you can join in cutting and sewing a Satellite Seed Saver banner, commemorating Genomic Gastronomy’s first growing season here on Earth.

The artist group Genomic Gastronomy will be at Butler Gallery from 12-4pm on Tuesday, July 25.

This is a drop in event – all are welcome, to take part, taste the produce and discuss the fascinating stories behind the space seeds.

Satellite Seed Savers Harvest is the closing moment of Genomic Gastronomy’s SOIL PROJECT artists residency in Butler Gallery.


Satellite Seed Saver gardens are sites for assembling and distributing off-planet agricultural biodiversity. They aim to direct the visitors’ gaze upwards—and connect the plants in the garden to multi-species activities in the sky—asking questions about environmental stewardship in outer space and here on Earth.

There are many local and national seed saving programs that preserve the historical agricultural biodiversity of a place, but who will assemble, maintain and propagate plant varieties that have been grown in, or cultivated for, outer space?

During the 2023 growing season, Genomic Gastronomy will begin working with gardeners and researchers around the world to grow, taste, debate and preserve the agricultural biodiversity of outer space.
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