Tuesday 19th September 2023
Location: Dylan Whiskey Bar, Kilkenny.
The band hail from the South East of Ireland and got their name from the connection between their home region and Canada’s Newfoundland, where many Irish emigrants settled long ago.

With all the members of the band being vocalists and multi-instrumentalists, Newfoundland have created a signature sound that they have become well known for, putting their own stamp on traditional and contemporary tunes as well as creating their own original pieces blended with trad and contemporary folk elements.

The band has a very wide ranged musical repertoire with vast experience and knowledge in the traditional musical world of folklore, legends and Irish emigration stories of times past, along with individually holding a rich and talented history in music, performance and entertaining.

In the last year, Newfoundland have toured in Germany, Norway, Canada, UK, Denmark and Malaysia, as well as touring extensively at home in Ireland.
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