Valentine’s Salsa Workshop (Couples and Singles)

Wednesday 14th February 2024
Location: Ó’Faoláin’s 27-29 John Street Upper
Whether you’re celebrating with a long-time partner, a new flame, or even flying solo, The Dance Club Kilkenny promises a night of love, laughter, and dancing. Let the music guide you, after a welcome drink in the bar and let the enchantment of the evening create lasting memories. Join us on February 14th for a Valentine’s Day in O’faolains nightclub for a celebration that will sweep you off your feet.
Valentines Dance Workshop: A couple dances as one in an embraced position, with ascending and descending beats and rhythm. The partners are like a mirror reflection to each other. The dance relys on connection & lead & follow principals. The beauty comes from the flow & energy of this connection. This is the magic you can see & feel when you watch people dance. It is a very grounded dance, cruisey & feels very relaxing & enjoyable.When starting to dance (any of these styles) the leader should start by connecting to the ground, then the music, then their partner. The follower connects to their partner, then the ground, & the music. This helps to balance the energy between the two dancers & creates the flow that is the magic of the dance

Date: 14th February 2024
Time: Drinks Reception with Kizomba Dance workshop from 7.30pm Onwards
8.30pm SBK Dance Social
Booking: | 086 3785109
Couples: €35 (includes entry and 2 drinks)
Singles: €20 (includes entry and 1 drink)
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