WHEN the Three Amigos – Jimmy Buckley, Robert Mizz…

Sunday 05th January 2025
Location: Hotel Kilkenny, College Road, Kilkenny, Ireland
WHEN the Three Amigos – Jimmy Buckley, Robert Mizzell and Patrick Feeney – initially came together they little thought that they would still be making music a decade on from then. But that is precisely what is continuing to happen right now as, with the curtain having come down on their hugely successful 2024 tour, the talented musical ambassadors are already setting their sights on 2025. The trio’s many-sided talents have been coming into play under the Three Amigos banner to such an extent that they have become something of an institution in Irish entertainment circles.
This Show invariably triggers excitement, enjoyment and praise in equal measure from concert audiences as they digest a Performance which never fails to impress.
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