2024 Saturday All-Day + Night Ticket – Borris Hous

Saturday 08th June 2024
Location: Borris House
Main Street Borris Ireland
Tickets holders for the Saturday will have access to approximately 30 talks or events across 6 stages – covering debates, discussions, performances, lectures, interviews and readings.
Most of the speakers visiting across the weekend are there at some point on Saturday. And on top of this, when the sun is over the yard-arm, the evening programme of live music and mischievous humour takes up residence on the streets of Borris.
This tickets allows you to move freely from one talk to another, but it may not guarantee you a seat in all of them – we operate a first-come-first-served seating policy in each auditorium, but our overall capacity at the festival will ensure there is always a talk somewhere with room for you.
Borris Festival is about experiencing a full day (or weekend) of many intruiging dialogues on diverse and jaw-dropping subjects – rather than visitng a single talk by a writer or speaker you want to hear – so we urge you to dive in.
Your day pass is not transferrable to anyone else during the day, and must be accompanied with your ID to access each talk.
See www.festivalofwritingandideas.com for speaker announcements and other news. First names in the line up will be released by early December, and more in early March.
PLEASE NOTE: Refunds – with a decent, honest, valid reason – will only accepted up unitil 1st March 2024. After that, your money is ours.
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