Caught in a Trap? What do Central Banks Do?

Saturday 04th November 2023
Location: Watergate Theatre, Kilkenny
Inflation is still rampant, sure, it’s coming down but not so quickly, yet interest rates are also still rising, but ex the USA growth is weak. Currencies, the euro, and sterling are faltering, the dollar remains ascendant. Markets are hoping the central banks have got their act together, but betting that they don’t. Bond yields are up and the great debt bubble, inflated over the past ten years, threatens to burst, catching the central banks in a trap of their own making. Is there a way out? Or will they like, in the 1980s, engineer a global recession to bring inflation under control? Big decisions, huge consequences, a monumental few months ahead.

Paul McCulley, Leah Rose Downey, Linda Yueh, Sony Kapoor Host: Bill Badbody
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