Duo Oriana’s , Golden Dream Tour

Tuesday 19th September 2023
Location: St John’s Church of Ireland John St
Duo Oriana invites you to St John’s Priory in Kilkenny for the 8th stop on the UK and Ireland leg of their How Like a Golden Dream tour. Noted for their “impeccable rhythmic ensemble” (La Scena Musicale), White’s “luminous” soprano, and Stuchbery’s “energizing precision” (The Whole Note), Canadian ensemble Duo Oriana are quickly becoming sought after performers of early repertoire.

Recorded in Toronto during October of 2022, How Like a Golden Dream is a reflection on the ways people have communed with the night-time throughout history. Soprano Sinéad White and lutenist Jonathan Stuchbery lead the listener through old Irish songs and English Renaissance melodies, lingering on the nature of night, darkness, and the stories and rituals that have emerged out of the human’s relationship with night-time.
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