Eamon Colman: A man – A place

Wednesday 19th July 2023
Location: Butler Gallery Learning & Engagement Centre
When the Kilkenny based artist Eamon Colman set out create his new series of paintings “The Twenty Eight Acres”, set in and around and inspired by the slag heaps left behind after decades of coal mining in Castlecomer, film-maker Kevin Hughes followed him on his journey of inspiration and made this short film about his creative process.

This film explores where the inspiration comes from and what is involved in turning that spark of an idea into a finished work. The amazing paintings made by Eamon in the Twenty Eight Acres series are stunning examples of the use of colour and how place affects the artist.

The film was shot over a short period of time following Eamon on his walks through the varied man-made landscape in Castle comer seeking out the elements that will inspire a painting. We explore how he seeks out detail often missed as you journey through a place and how the various elements come together in his studio.

We examine in film not only the time and energy used to explore potential inspiration but the actual physical effort that goes into creating a piece of art.

Duration: 30mins
Medium: Shot on RED KOMODO, iPhone. DJI Drone.
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