Economics in the Dock

Saturday 04th November 2023
Location: Watergate Theatre, Kilkenny
Long regarded as all-knowing high priests whose models were akin to a religious creed laying out what we believed in, today the reputation of economists is taking a bit of a bashing. Not only did the vast majority miss the biggest economic event in living memory, the 2008 crash, but today our assumption about the way people behave are being undermined by psychologists, sociolgists, historians and a host of other “concerned” individuals. Our panel asks the question, do economists, so often spouting off on TV, radio and podcasts actually know what they are talking about. Has the Emperor got any clothes on? You’ll love this roast!

David McWilliams, Isabella Weber, Mark Blyth, Marla Dukharan, Branko Milanovic, Stephanie Kelton
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