Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I promote an event?

Click on the link above that says submit an event enter your details, if this is the first time entering an event you will have to leave a contact number to verify the event details.

Does it cost anything to promote an event?

No, the app doesn't work like advertising if an event appeals to the people using the app it will be listed free of charge. If you want to promote an event it is important that you have all of the details needed on the contact form. An image is requited.

I have an idea for the app how do I contact someone?

We always encourage feedback and if you think that you have an idea how we can improve the app please let us know, we have a lot updates coming in the future.

Why is there no description on some business's?

The majority of the information was sourced from Google listings and we tried to source more from other online sources, in some cases it wasn't possible to find any information. If you would like a listing updated please contact us.

Why wasn't my event listed on the app?

We will try to list every event on the app, if your event wasn't listed it's probably because we didn't know about it or the event couldn't be verified. If we feel your event is not suitable it will not get listed.

Why are some business' marked as featured?

If a business wants to be seen by a greater number of people or if an event organiser wants to boost an event to the top of the listings for that week, this is possible to do. For more information about being featured contact us.

Where can I download the app?

The app can be downloaded in the Apple App store or in the Google play store

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