Frankie Gavin & Catherine McHugh

Friday 22th September 2023
Location: Cleere’s Bar and Theatre
Following a bout of illness, virtuoso Irish fiddle Frankie Gavin is now out and about again and playing as well as ever. In recent times he’s played and recorded with the Roaring 20s Irish Orchestra and The Monte Carlo Philharmonic in Monaco.

He is also putting together an exciting new Frankie Gavin and De Dannan line-up.

Frankie is now working with Catherine McHugh, who is widely regarded as Ireland’s foremost piano accompanist and is featured on Frankie’s new album Port Eireann.

As a duo, they are currently touring Ireland to promote this excellent 18-track recording of traditional music. Wherever they have appeared, they have been greeted with rapturous applause and standing ovations.

Catherine has also been a recent toured the USA with Cherish the Ladies.
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