Learning to Forgive – Day Retreat Ticket

Thursday 14th December 2023
Location: R95 T6D0
Kilfane House Kilfane Demense R95 T6D0 THOMASTOWN Ireland
“The most important thing for each of you to realize is that you have the power inside of you to decide to forgive. Deciding to forgive someone releases some of the hurt inside of you. If you do decide to forgive as times goes on, you will notice that you are not hurting as much.” Lorna Byrne
Forgiveness can be one of the hardest things. We all struggle with forgiveness in some ways after we’ve been hurt. Maybe someone you love broke your trust, or a friend you thought would always be around chose to leave. We all feel abandoned and wronged at some point in our lives. But we can’t move on and live fully again until we learn how to forgive both ourselves and others.
If we don’t forgive, we run the risk of becoming bitter and full of resentment. You need to learn how to let go of all the hurt and pain inside you so you can begin to live with love and joy again. Remember that forgiveness benefits the forgiver more than the forgiven. Whenever you truly forgive, you release blessings upon blessings.
This Christmas, when the veil between our world and the spiritual world is thinner, choose to embrace forgiveness and give that gift to both ourselves and others so we may become more connected spiritually.
In this retreat, Lorna will guide you through exercises on the different types of forgiveness.
You’ll learn how to:
Begin the forgiveness process.
Start releasing old pain, hurt, and burdens.
Embrace the spiritual benefits of forgiveness.
Forgive yourself for any guilt you may feel in your life.
Ask your guardian angel and other angels for help.
Stop holding onto the past and start healing.
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